3. tessakuragi:

    Hanging out with my toys. #tessakuragi #eyepatch #hellokitty


  4. tessakuragi:

    Corset love. Corset by Sparklewren corsetry. #corset #tessakuragi


  5. tessakuragi:

    For @paulinedarley #religious #saint #tessakuragi #paulinedarley


  6. tessakuragi:

    (c) WildatHeart Photography

    Model: Tessa Kuragi


  7. tessakuragi:

    Lady Lucie Latex

    (c) Catherine Day

    Model: Tessa Kuragi


  8. tessakuragi:

    Art of me

    Model: Tessa Kuragi

    (c) Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme


  9. How The Knick turned the streets of Manhattan into old New York (x)

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  10. hhawkmothh:

    Rust variation of the digital painting I had posted last week. Originally, the painting had this background color, but my sister was the piece in progress and thought blue looked better so I kept it that way.

    Dr. Thackery from The Knick.

    Rust variation

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  12. becausemanson:

    My hair is now long enough to deathhawk. This is good. Yis.


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