1. markvelasquez:

    "Kacie amongst the trees," a never-published image now available in this special edition book!


    Only 40 copies left!
    I’m proud to finally announce the completion of my almost 100-page booklet featuring images that Kacie Marie and I and have shot together since the day we met. These photos were taken from LA to NYC over the last five years and are some of the best works I have ever shot with anyone.

    Order yours today while they are still available!

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  2. corwinprescott:

    "Another Night, Another Motel"
    Los Angeles, CA 2013

    Corwin Prescott - Kacie Marie - See the entire set on Zivity

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  3. misskaciemarie:

    Get it while you can, there’s only 10!!! 


    "No Vacancy"
    Los Angeles, California 2013

    This month’s print of the month is No Vacancy featuring my favorite pin up vixen Kacie Marie.  We shot this very late one night in a seedy little motel just south of LA last year after a chance meet up thousand of miles from home.  The print is an extremely limited edition of 10, and is signed by both Kacie and myself.

    Corwin Prescott
     - Miss Kacie Marie - Purchase Print


  4. L’Apollonide: Souvenirs de la maison close, Bertrand Bonello, 2011

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  5. shewasaskingforit:

    Andrej Pejic and Lea T by Pedja G




  8. meekamalcou:

    c o s m i c - II


  9. chelseawolfeonly:

    Chelsea Wolfe by Kristin Cofer



  11. juliettebates:

    Chelsea Wolfe @ Divan du Monde. Paris, 2013.

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  12. Chelsea Wolfe

    2013 Acoustic tour: Montreal





  15. damonbaker:

    Eliza Cummings by Damon Baker

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